Fingerprints T-Shirt Women’s


You are unique in all of the universe. So is everyone you’ll meet today. This shirt is simply a reminder that everyone is worthy of being noticed and appreciated for the incredible, intricate and infinitely worthy creation they are.

Great quality and great designs are a given at As You Go. Our classic styling offers a generous fit for ease and comfort. Much better quality than typical t-shirts on the market.

  • 100% Cotton
  • 6.2 oz.
  • Sturdy ribbing at neck
  • Self-fabric taping from shoulder to shoulder
  • Double needle stitching
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Every single human being is unique. We see so many faces that sometimes we take for granted the breathtaking diversity that an infinite God displays throughout the ages by creating completely unique individuals who each have a chance to inhabit His Kingdom.

He seals up the hand of every person, that everyone whom he made may know it.
Job 37:7

Why would an infinite God endow each creature with a completely unique set of characteristics, personality traits, physical attributes, and carry that unique signature down to the cellular level of their uniquely scripted DNA? Simply because He desires a unique relationship with each one of us.

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