What would happen if you repurposed the time you already spend in just one part of your week for life on mission with God? What if you prayerfully asked God to meet you there, speak through you, and use you to show others what He’s like? What if you had a simple tool, like a t-shirt that could help spark the conversations that might change a life for all of eternity?

Revolutionize Your Conversations

Learn how the simple interactions you have each day can change lives forever.

We are continually looking for and creating tips and tools to help you connect with those around you through conversations that can impact eternity. Stay tuned for more.

You have all of the potential for conversations you’ll need. Already. The hard part is starting the conversation. A few simple tools can make all the difference.

We are developing tools that can help you share your faith. A simple shirt can spark the conversation. But, you’re the one that impacts eternity.

We all have the same amount of time each day. You can’t buy more, no matter how much money you have. Make the most of each moment to impact others.

Whatever direction you turn, wherever you travel, there are people that need the hope you’ve found. Spark a conversation that shares that hope.