Spark A Conversation

Lots of Christians talk about reaching out to the people around them that are far from God. Unfortunately, many never actually follow through. It’s time to focus on setting timetables to begin engaging the people around you and take steps to make it happen.

Ministry to people who may be far from God is messy… period. The challenge boils down to deciding between two paths. You can intentionally go out into the world around you and see what God will do through you to bring others towards Christ. Or, you can curl up with a nice book in your study group and let the world go to hell.


Tap into the only thing that can touch the souls you will encounter today—the presence of the Holy Spirit. Influencing someone for Christ doesn’t come from you. It comes from God through you. Here’s what the Apostle Paul had to say about it.

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Nothing disarms people faster than a simple, heartfelt smile. They’re not as scary as you might imagine. Many, if not most of the people you meet each day are fighting their own battles. Step on their side, encourage, and bless, no strings attached.

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Jump in. Thinking and praying are great. BUT… nothing really happens until you step into the conversation and actually start to talk with people, or at the very least put yourself into a place that will open up the possibility of a conversation.

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